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The Schaeffler brothers jointly founded LuK Lamellen und Kupplungsbau GmbH in Bühl in 1965. The company became the market’s technological leader with its very first innovative product, the diaphragm spring clutch. LuK is one of the world’s biggest clutch manufacturers and a drive train specialist, and has been part of Schaeffler since 1999. Undisputed Competence in the Drive Train


One in Three New Cars Rolling off the Production Line is Fitted with a LuK Clutch
Regardless of whether manual, double clutch, automatic or continuously variable transmission, Schaeffler’s LuK product brand offers comprehensive solutions for all technologies and thus also covers up-and-coming drive concepts such as hybrid systems. The portfolio includes all relevant product groups – from flywheels to power transmission, release systems and transmission components.
Due to the further developments in vehicle construction, clutch components must now fulfil a large number of requirements that mainly affect driving comfort, such as rapid gearshift, vibration damping and minimisation of noise. Modern clutches are characterised principally by high speed performance, high transmission reliability, low section height, low release forces, and long service life.




1. Clutch System

In vehicles with manual transmission, the clutch is the heart of the powertrain. It enables starting and changing gears, as it can separate or dose the power transfer from engine and gearbox. In the non-actuated state, it establishes a frictional connection and thus allows the transfer of the engine torque to the gearbox. If the clutch is actuated, this connection is disconnected. In vehicles with manual transmissions, clutches make a significant contribution to comfort behavior – whether it be through soft starting, fast shifting or smooth running.

In addition to the classic manual transmission, the decoupling of engine and gearbox also takes place in modern vehicles with double clutch transmissions – but in these cases automatically and with the help of two clutches.

Packaging LuK RepSet for PC
LuK RepSet: the repair solution for the manual clutch, including clutch disc, clutch pressure plate and release bearing.
Packaging LuK RepSet Pro for PC
LuK RepSet Pro: the complete repair set for hydraulic clutch systems, including clutch disc, clutch pressure plate, central release bearing or conventional release bearing and slave cylinder.
Packaging LuK RepSet DMF for PC
LuK RepSet DMF: the comprehensive repair solution for clutch and dual mass flywheel, also including the matching screws.
Packaging LuK RepSet 2CT for PC
LuK RepSet 2CT: the unique repair solution for dry and wet double clutches, including all necessary replacement parts.
​​​​​​More about the produc
LuK RepSet SmarTAC for heavy commercial vehicles
LuK RepSet SmarTAC: the repair set with self-adjusting clutch, for a particularly long durability.


2. Vibration damping
An innovative product portfolio from the world market leader
A comfortable and efficient power transmission, combined with a long service life, is the basic requirement for the powertrain. Reducing sustainably fuel consumption and the associated emissions without sacrificing comfort, requires an in-depth and detailed knowledge of the overall drive system and its individual components. These include clutch, vibration damping, release systems and gearbox. With its LuK brand products, Schaeffler offers everything that is required for efficient, dynamic and energy-saving power transmission, both for the original equipment and the spare parts market.
Packaging of the LuK DMF
LuK DMF: for the easy change of a dual mass flywheel. If the dual mass flywheel is defective, it is recommended to replace it. The LuK DMF is the repair solution for a fast, professional replacement. This requires either the matching LuK RepSet or LuK RepSet Pro. By the way: whether the DMF is worn can be easily tested with the LuK DMF testing tool in the installed condition.
LuK RepSet DMF Packaging
LuK RepSet DMF: the complete set for replacing the DMF and clutch. For a complete repair of the clutch system and dual mass flywheel, the LuK RepSet DMF is the best choice. Moreover, it always contains the suitable release bearing as well as all the necessary fastening screws.


3. Release System

Intelligent hydraulic components from Schaeffler – for a professional repair
As an important component of modern clutch systems, the release system, the connection between pedal and clutch, has a decisive influence on the driving experience. To ensure that the clutch is easy to operate and that the power flow can be safely metered, all components of the release system must work perfectly together.

Today’s vehicles are usually equipped with a hydraulic clutch actuation. This technology includes slave cylinders, master cylinders, release bearings and hydraulic pressure pipes. In fully hydraulic systems, a concentric slave cylinder (CSC) is used, which combines slave cylinder and release bearing in one component.
Comprehensive Schaeffler expertise – also in the independent aftermarket
Under its LuK brand, Schaeffler has played a decisive role in the development of hydraulic clutch actuation technology. Today, the company also offers all components of the release system as spare parts for the independent market in case of a defect, certainly in the usual OE quality.


4. Transmission systems

As one of the main modules in the powertrain, the gearbox enables the torque of the engine to be transmitted. It provides different ratios so that the engine speed can be flexibly adapted to different driving situations

Thanks to more than 50 years of experience in the areas of clutches, release systems, dampers and gearbox components, Schaeffler with its LuK product brand offers a profound understanding of all four technologies. Schaeffler engineers develop new, innovative solutions on a daily basis, based on their knowledge of cause-and-effect relationships, power transmission and wear – both for original equipment and for the spare parts market.

In principle, a distinction is made between four common transmission technologies:
  1. Manual transmissions
  2. Automated manual transmissions (such as double clutch)
  3. Automatic transmissions
  4. Continuously variable automatic transmissions (CVT)
1. The LuK GearBOX is individually matched to the respective gearbox and contains exactly these wear parts. Due to detailed repair instruction, the LuK GearBOX enables a reliable repair of the gearbox in the independent garages.
Packaging LuK GearBOX for passenger cars
The LuK GearBOX is individually matched to the respective gearbox and contains exactly these wear parts. Due to detailed repair instruction, the LuK GearBOX enables a reliable repair of the gearbox in the independent garages.
5. Continuously variable transmission (CVT)
Schaeffler patent sets standards
In contrast to other types of transmission, the CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) automatic transmission does not use different gear pairs to transmit power between the input and output shafts. Instead, a push link belt, a chain or a V-belt are used to enable a continuous transmission by means of two sets of pulleys.
Plate-link chain from Schaeffler enables high torque and efficiency
Early on, Schaeffler developed an innovative type of chain that sets standards in the market today. The patented plate-link chain enables a high torque to be transmitted and achieves a better efficiency than conventional push-belts. Thanks to its modular design, this innovation from Schaeffler also covers the entire torque range from small cars to the upper middle class.Thanks to the continuous conversion of engine speed and torque, modern CVT transmissions are highly efficient and impress by a high level of driving comfort, as the engine can always be operated in the optimum range. A further advantage: the elimination of the tractive power interruption during gear changes increases the driving pleasure.However, these continuously variable transmissions are also subject to natural wear, especially since the slide rail and the loop element (belt, chain or strap) in particular are exposed to high loads.
Packaging of the LuK RepSet CVT for passenger cars
LuK RepSet CVT: the exclusive repair solution for CVT automatic transmissions – including plate-link chain and suitable slide rail. The RepSet is initially available for Multitronic transmissions of the Volkswagen Group. These automatic transmissions are currently installed in cars from Audi and Seat, among others.
6. Torque converter

Schaeffler pioneering work in series and in the spare parts market

Torque converters are used both in fully automatic transmissions and in continuously variable CVT transmissions. As an essential component of the transmission system, they take over the tasks of a conventional clutch. However, there is no direct connection between the engine and the transmission – power is transmitted with the aid of a fluid, usually oil.
Schaeffler in series production for over 30 years
As a long-standing development partner of renowned vehicle manufacturers, Schaeffler invested in the development of torque converters with its LuK brand at a very early stage: Already in 1983, dampers for automatic transmissions went into series production. Due to the constantly growing demand, especially in the American market, the development and series production of converters began in 1997. To meet the increasing demand, also in Europe and Asia, assemblies for torque converters are now also manufactured at other international locations.
Ready for the future: converters as part of hybrid modules
Depending on the requirements profile of the vehicle manufacturer, modern hybrid modules are also equipped with torque converters. The compact module can be mounted on vehicles as a unit between the engine and transmission. It contains an additional drive source in the form of an E-engine  taking over various functions (starting, boosting, energy recovery during braking) as required.
Packaging LuK TorCon
LuK TorCon: professional repair for automatic transmissions. With LuK TorCon, Schaeffler offers the torque converter as a repair solution in the spare parts market for vehicles with automatic transmissions, which are used primarily in Europe, China and the United States’ markets.
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