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Systems Competence in the Key Systems of the Engine
With its cross-system and intelligent repair solutions in the four key systems valve train, timing drive, front end auxiliary drive and cooling system, INA is the engine specialist in the spare parts market.


Product Portfolio
1. Timing Drive
A unique portfolio of chain and belt drive components
The timing drive of the engine synchronizes the crankshaft and the camshaft. It ensures that the valves open and close at exactly the right moment. This precise sequence must work perfectly in any operating condition of the vehicle and at any engine speed. After all, it ultimately determines the quality of the engine running, the power delivery as well as the fuel consumption and pollutant emissions of the car.

Precision in two ways: Timing belt or timing chain

Two common variants have become established in current vehicles: power transmission by means of timing belt or timing chain. Thereby, the chain-driven version represents a closed, oil-flushed system. A chain made of metal ensures precise transmission of the rotary motion from crankshaft to camshaft.The toothed belt drive, on the other hand, usually works “dry”, thus running without oil outside the actual engine housing. A few engines are also available in an oil bath. For a positive, non-slip connection, the toothed belt is guided by a pulley attached to the crankshaft and camshaft.




1. INA Timing Belt KIT (also optionally including water pump): the complete repair solution for a comprehensive overhaul of the belt drive, including all necessary components.
2. INA Timing Chain KIT: the comprehensive repair kit, including all necessary components for replacement, also with seals and other assembly parts.
3. INA Engine KIT: for the cross-system replacement of all relevant components. After all, damage to the timing drive often leads to wear and tear in the valve train, too.
2. Front End Auxiliary Drive

Holistic solutions for a complex system

The task of the front end auxiliary drive (FEAD) is to drive various units. V-belts or ribbed V-belts are used to operate, for example, the alternator, power steering pump, water pump or air-conditioning compressor with the help of the crankshaft drive energy.
Increasing loads in a complex system
The constantly growing number of electric consumers increases the complexity of the front end auxiliary drive and requires a higher power transmission. At the same time, due to the downsizing of modern engines in passenger cars and transporters, strong vibrations affect all system components. Consequently, all components are subject to significantly higher loads and, as part of a larger whole, influence each other significantly.

1. INA FEAD KIT: No half measures.
The comprehensive repair solution INA FEAD KIT is particularly popular. The KITs include in one package: Tensioner pulley, idler pulley, ribbed V-belts and a diagram of the vehicle-specific belt routing. In addition, other spare parts such as overrunning alternator pulley (OAP), water pump, torsional vibration damper and other accessories are included in the KIT as required. The INA FEAD KITs consider the fact that it is difficult to diagnose which part of the belt drive is still undamaged and which part could fail next. For this reason, it is always advisable to replace all system components completely in order to achieve a sustainable repair. In addition to the extensive portfolio of FEAD KITs, the Schaeffler range also offers a wide assortment of individual parts – perfect for less complex auxiliary drives.


2. INA OAP: From the inventor and world leader of the overrunning alternator pulley.
Since the start of series production of the overrunning alternator pulley in 1996, Schaeffler has produced more than 250 million OAP units. Thanks to its unbeatable OE expertise, years of experience and precise manufacturing, Schaeffler continues to set the industry standard in the OAP segment. Incidentally: Every fourth passenger car worldwide is now equipped with an INA overrunning alternator pulley. This makes Schaeffler the undisputed world market leader. Not least because the overrunning alternator pulley technology is constantly being developed and optimized.


3. INA FEAD Belt: The extensive belt portfolio.

INA offers a market-leading portfolio of high-quality V-belts and ribbed V-belts for smooth replacement. INA belts are available in a wide range of belt widths, belt types and belt lengths for the perfect installation in a wide variety of vehicles. The number of ribs and belt width depend on the torque to be transmitted.


4. INA Crankshaft Vibration dampers and Decouplers: For maximum smooth-running.

The crankshaft vibration damper and its further development, the crankshaft decoupler, ensure a significant reduction of vibrations in the in front end auxiliary drive. For repairs, Schaeffler offers this under its INA brand on the independent spare parts market – all accessories required for the replacement are of course already included.

5. INA Tension and Idler Pulleys: Always the right belt tension.

Tension and idler pulleys are an essential part of the auxiliary drive, since they allow the belt to run efficiently, even in the tightest of spaces. Furthermore, they guarantee the perfect belt tension across all engine operating conditions.The Schaeffler range includes a comprehensive portfolio for rapid replacement.


3. Valve train

High-tech from the market leader

CO2 values, noise emissions, reliability and efficiency. The demands placed on modern four-stroke combustion engines are constantly growing and developers are facing ever-greater challenges. The valve train is the decisive control lever for a perfectly functioning combustion process. The combustion engine must be supplied with fresh air cyclically and exhaust gas must be removed. The task of the valve train is to open or close the inlet and outlet channels in such a way that this exchange of charge is carried out as efficiently as possible. Depending on the engine construction, valve trains are differentiated according to the number of valves that actuate them and the number and position of the camshafts by which they are driven.

Friction, pressures and high temperatures require high strength
Due to its function, the valve train is subject to high acceleration and deceleration. In addition, the exhaust valves must be able to withstand extreme temperatures caused by the hot exhaust gases. To perform properly under these conditions, valve train components should therefore: be of high strength, operate with low friction and ensure adequate heat dissipation from the valves. In order to guarantee perfect functionality, it is also essential to eliminate valve play and to keep the engine’s performance stable over the service life.Leading technology in series production as well as in the spare parts market

With its INA brand, Schaeffler is the leading manufacturer of all types of valve train components and a valued partner for series production. As a technology leader, which also offers switchable products, for example, the focus is on the highest precision in production and assembly. The first-class components withstand rising temperatures and high pressure with ever-smaller engines. With a wide range of repair solutions, INA is also well positioned in the replacement market and enables professional and efficient repair of valve trains.




1. INA Camshaft KITs: Perfectly combined.

For efficient repair, INA Camshaft KITs contain all the necessary components such as camshaft(s), tappets/support elements, rocker arms and other necessary accessories. All components are perfectly matched together, as Schaeffler engineers always consider the material combinations of the components. Because: It depends on the interaction of the camshaft material and the construction of the counterpart!

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2. INA Engine KITs: for the cross-system exchange of all relevant components. Damage to the valve train can often also be caused by faulty components in the timing drive.
4. Cooling systems

A holistic, innovative product portfolio

Reliable and efficient – that’s how an engine must run. An optimum and constant operating temperature, even under constantly changing conditions is a basic prerequisite. The components of the cooling circuit must therefore work together optimally: radiator, coolant, cooling lines as well as the thermostat and water pump are exposed to high loads. The development of efficient and durable components for the cooling circuit is part of the corporate history of Schaeffler and its INA brand.


In case of repair: water pumps with highest quality from Schaeffler’s INA brand
Value-preserving spare parts and holistic repair solutions – always in OE quality. For that Schaeffler and its INA product brand have been known and appreciated for many years. In the field of the cooling system of the car, the technology leader convinces with an integrated range of water pumps:




1. Mechanical water pumps:
A large part of the existing fleet is still equipped with a mechanical water pump. Its delivery rate is  firmly linked to the engine speed.


2. Switchable water pumps:
The difference to conventional mechanical pumps: they can be controlled variably. This means that they only supply the coolant when it is needed. This saves energy and fuel, which in turn leads to improve the vehicle’s emission values.
3. Electric water pumps:

This water pump is characterized by a very precise controllability and is completely separated from the engine speed. Its energy is not provided by the belt drive, but by the 12-volt or 48-volt vehicle electrical system. Thereby, an electric motor continuously regulates the individual delivery rate of the pump.


4. Exclusively in the Independent Aftermarket: Schaeffler Thermal Management Module with water pump
Developed in close partnership with automobile manufacturers, the Schaeffler Thermal Management Module controls the engine temperature 100% in line with requirements. Depending on the operating status and driving situation, the coolant volume flow is controlled in several circuits close to the engine, which increases its efficiency.  Compared to a conventional thermostat, the engine reaches its optimum operating temperature faster. Driving comfort increases, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions  are reduced.

The thermal management is available as a complete module and is supplied exclusively by Schaeffler in the aftermarket under the INA brand.

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