The Schaeffler Group is a global automotive and industrial supplier. By delivering high-precision components and systems in engine, transmission, and chassis applications, as well as rolling and plain bearing solutions for a large number of industrial applications, the Schaeffler Group is already shaping “Mobility for tomorrow” to a significant degree.
The technology company generated sales of approximately 14.2 billion Euros in 2018. With around 89,000 employees, Schaeffler is one of the world’s largest family companies and, with approximately 170 locations in over 50 countries, has a worldwide network of manufacturing locations, research and development facilities, and sales companies.
High-tech bearings for Automotive and Industrial
Schaeffler products facilitate and shape mobility – as they have been doing for decades. We have also continued the development of our expertise from “basic” components to complete system solutions. Our high-precision products can be found in automobile drive trains, high-speed trains, wind turbines, and innovative solutions for aviation and aerospace applications.

Industrial Products

Rolling bearing solutions for over 60 sectors of industry
Bearing supports and components make a decisive contribution to the reliability and quality of industrial applications. The Industrial division’s range includes everything from miniature bearings only a few millimeters wide through to large-size bearings with an outside diameter of several meters. Smart products and the networking of components are coming increasingly to the fore. In “Machine Tool 4.0”, sensors measure and report the vibrations, forces and temperature of all relevant bearing positions and thus offer “added value by digitalization”.
  • Mobility
    The mobility sector develops rolling bearings and power transmission solutions for bicycles and motorcycles as well as for rail vehicles and agricultural and construction machinery. Schaeffler offers bearing solutions for all types of drives, whether mechanical, electric, or hydraulic. Thanks to its application-specific engineering expertise, Schaeffler covers both stationary and mobile drives for every industrial application, thereby making a decisive contribution towards “Mobility for tomorrow”. As a component, the rolling bearing itself is increasingly being transformed into a mechatronic system through the addition of numerous integrated functions, including sensors that generate and evaluate data on driving conditions. For example: The FAG Velomatic bicycle gearshift system ensures comfortable gear shifting for both standard bicycles and e-bikes


  • Energy and raw materials
    Renewable energies are set to make a decisive contribution to power supplies in the future. Schaeffler’s technological expertise is already on display in products and solutions for hydropower, solar energy, and wind power applications. For example, Schaeffler operates one of the world’s most high-performance large size bearing test rigs: Astraios. The results provided by this test rig lead to further improvements in the understanding of systems as a whole, influencing factors, and the interrelations in the drive trains of wind turbines.The Schaeffler Group‘s International Sales, Application Engineering, and Industrial Aftermarket help customers find the right solution for normally “heavy duty” rolling bearing applications in the raw material extraction, preparation and processing, steel and non-ferrous metals, and cellulose and paper industries. The rolling bearing and service concepts developed by Schaeffler extend the lifecycle of machines and reduce the lifecycle costs.


  • Production Machinery
    Schaeffler has been an innovative systems partner for the development of production machinery for several decades. This applies to machine tools and machinery for the textile, printing, and food and packaging industries as well as medical technology and electronics manufacturing. In order to increase efficiency and performance, however, it is becoming ever more important not simply to support the subsystems but to integrate important functions such as measurement, sealing, lubrication, and braking into the components themselves. Another trend is the use of direct drives and mechatronic units in production machinery. With its rolling bearing, linear technology, and direct drive solutions, Schaeffler offers its customers comprehensive technological and application engineering expertise for complete systems from one source that are precisely matched to one another.


  • Aerospace
    Schaeffler develops energy-efficient bearing systems for all the new environmentally friendly engine concepts in the aviation and aerospace sector with a view to Mobility for tomorrow. This innovative force has a long tradition. We have been supplying advanced products to aerospace companies for many decades. For example: Charles Lindbergh completed his spectacular transatlantic flight in 1927 in an aircraft equipped with bearings from our company. Today, special bearing systems and high-precision components from Schaeffler are used in almost all aviation and aerospace applications – from the turbines of Boeing and Airbus planes through to the turbopumps of the Ariane rocket.

Automotive Aftermarket

Tailor-made solutions for the Automotive Aftermarket
The Automotive Aftermarket Division is responsible for our global spare parts business and delivers innovative repair solutions in original-equipment quality. Under the three brands LuK, INA and FAG we offer clutch and release systems, engine and transmission applications, as well as chassis applications. All components are tuned to work perfectly together and allow for replacing old parts fast and professionally. With our REPXPERT brand we put top priority on offering comprehensive services to garages by conducting practical-oriented training seminars, offering repair assistance via our hotline and our garage portal, and by developing special tools.
  • Passenger Cars
    Outstanding System Competence for Passenger Cars Our product range for passenger cars includes far more than just individual spare parts. We rely on holistic repair solutions for transmission, engine, and chassis systems. Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise as an original equipment supplier, we possess a comprehensive system understanding for all application areas in passenger cars. This know-how is reflected in our sophisticated repair solutions. This makes each repair process simple and efficient.
    Intelligent, Complete Solutions for Light Commercial Vehicles Built like a passenger car, but stressed like a truck: Light commercial vehicles are exposed to many times more than an ordinary car every day. Usually operated commercially, they have to perform reliable even under the toughest conditions. Heavy loads, combined with adverse road conditions, require robust and high-quality components. With our specially designed complete solutions, we get box vans, small transporters and flatbeds back onto the road fast and long-term.
  • Longer Service Life for Heavy Commercial Vehicles
    They are large, they are heavy and they must be designed for a long service life. Demands on heavy commercial vehicles are high. Haulers and fleet operators are constantly under cost pressure and downtimes need to be minimized. We therefore offer reliable solutions with high-quality spare parts for trucks, buses and trailers. These not only extend maintenance intervals, but also dramatically increase the mobility of the vehicles – and thus contribute to reducing the overall cost of ownership.
  • Robust and Dependable Solutions for Tractors
    Tractors and agricultural machinery are in operation around the clock. As purely working machines, they have to ensure reliable field management. We offer a range of solutions that are specially tailored to the requirements of agriculture. Particularly the low-noise and vibration damping characteristics of our components have a positive effect on the service life and cost effectiveness of tractors.


  • Competent Service from a Single Source
    Deepening specialist knowledge and keeping pace with new technologies – this is just as important for garage professionals as the use of high-quality spare parts and repair solutions. In order to achieve this, we offer comprehensive services for garages. Whether it’s technical training seminars, installation instructions or assembly tips – our services provide garages with the best possible service at all times. And all this bundled under Schaeffler REPXPERT.