MaxLife Batteries offers complete range of Automotive & Marine batteries for a multitude of applications. Our Products are suitable for PSV, LCV, SUV, HCV and Marine Applications. We manufacture complete range of Dry Charged (DC) and  Calcium Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) Batteries for all Japanese & European vehicles. All Batteries are manufactured as per Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).

MaxLife is our Promise. We endeavor to provide Maximum Service Life no matter how Extreme the Condition for all our customers worldwide.

 DC Batteries
Our Complete ranges of Dry Charge Batteries are made in Malaysia by one of the best manufacturers in the world. Our DC batteries are made from antimony lead alloy that are able to withstand high temperature and heavy charge / discharge characteristic. These batteries are made for heavy duty usage with our specially designed plates for all automotive and marine applications worldwide.

MaxLife High Performance Calcium SMF batteries are made from calcium-lead alloy corrosion-resistant grids, to maximize corrosion resistance, increase service life and reduce water consumption for battery durability. Our SMF batteries have special designed sealed casing to resist acid leakage minimizing self-discharge and gassing while also pro-longing shelf life of the battery.

 Features and Benefits
1.Manufacturing as per Japanese Industrial Standards
2. Manufacturing Facilities are Certified to ISO TS 16949-2009 Standards
3. No-Spill Special Case Design to resist Acid Leakage
4. High Compression Cell Grids for better cycling and higher performance
5. Designed to with stand extreme temperatures
6. Quick Start High Power Technology
7. Advanced Manufacturing Technology esures consistent and reliable battery quality.
8. Longer Service Life due to Best Quality design, components and materials.
9. Pure Lead Technology ensures best output and higher Power