Steel Industry


The Steel Industry is the core of all structures we live in. The Steel Industry is one of the oldest industries known to mankind there is a lot of machines that are used in developing the final product usable to mankind starting from Mining, to storage and conveyance of raw material, to manufacturing of steel, to steel rolling, refining, casting upto the final product. All kinds of bearings are used in these processes and the steel industry is the single largest industrial industry for the usage of bearings.The Operating conditions for bearings in the steel industry are varied and demanding and include, dust, steel particles, water, heat, coping with heavy loads at low rotational speeds with high jerk loads, high speed with high temperature together with high and low torque and acceleration, easily the toughest and most varied working conditions as compared to any other industry.

Operation efficiency is the key to stable and efficient production. It is very critical to have low break downs to ensure maximum productivity. Hence every moving element in the machinery that uses bearings demands long life, reliability and economic maintenance cost.