The best bearings can show optimum performance only when they are lubricated properly. It is therefore important to choose the right bearing grease. Grease is a vital component of the bearing design and thus, as important as the bearing, housing and sealing.

Our strict standards and testing parameters have helped us develop the most suitable and effective DPI bearing grease. Our General Purpose DPI Lithium Bearing Grease – DGMT 3 is second to none and the quality is comparable to the best bearings greases products in the world.

DGMT 3 is a Superior Quality, general purpose Grease. It can be used for a wide range of Industrial and Automotive Applications. It is a Lithium Soap Complex Lubricating Grease for all types of Rolling Bearings and Relative Moving parts. This premium quality, general purposes grease is suitable for a wide range of industrial and automotive applications

Quality Highlights

  1. • Exceptionally long grease life.
  2. • Outstanding Oxidation Stability.
  3. • High Mechanical Stability.
  4. • Excellent Water Resistance
  5. • Good Anti-wear Properties
  6. • Good Rust Prevention Properties


  1. • General Industrial Equipment
  2. • General Household appliances
  3. • Conveyor Systems
  4. • Building Machine and Equipments
  5. • Rolling Equipment’s of low speed and high load
  6. • Water Pumps
  7. • Textile Machines
  8. • Industrial Fans
  9. • Agricultural equipment
  10. • Car, Buses, Truck and Trailer wheel bearings
  11. • 2 – 3 Wheeler Motorcycles
  12. • Large electric motors

Available Packings

  1. • 250 Gms
  2. • 500 Gms
  3. • 1 Kg
  4. • 3 Kg

Technical Specifications

S.NoTest ParametersTest MethodResults
01Thickener TypeLithium
02NLGI Classification3
04ColourVisualPale Light Yellow
05Drop Point º CASTM D 566196
06Service Temperature– 30 to 120 C- 22 to 250 F
07Base Oil Viscosity @ 100 º CASTM D 44512
08Flash Point of Base Oil º CASTM D 92235
09Worked Penetration @ 25 º C 60 XASTM D 217233
10Working Stability 60/100000 XASTM D 217
11Copper Corrosion 24hrs 100 º CASTM D 4048Negative
12Free Acidity (Oleic) by massASTM D 128NIL
13Free Alkali as Ca (OH2) % by massASTM D 120.0051
14Leakage and Deposit Forming Tendencies (Wheel Bearing Test) Leakage in gms. Depositions on racer roller Evidence of abnormal changes in consistency / StructureASTM D 1263Pass
15Heat StabilityIS: 1448F 1892.15
16Water Content % by MassASTM D 95Nil
17Resistance to water washes out at C % by massASTM D 12647.80
18Roll Stability Test Penetration change % after 2 HrsASTM D 18313.10